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THE MAXIMA DOG TRACKING SYSTEM Track One, Two, Three, or More Dogs
THE MAXIMA DOG TRACKING SYSTEM Track One, Two, Three, or More Dogs
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Track One, Two or Three or More Dogs at a time!
The Maxima Dog Tracking System is the most versatile, and portable, synthesized receiver anywhere in the world. Programmable and capable of storing up to 100 individual transmitters at one time, this receiver is completely customizable to meet your specific needs. Tracker simplified the operation of the Maxima Dog Tracker, allowing you to focus on locating your dog, rather than operating the receiver.

The Strike Coon (Tree Switch) Collar is a lightweight, sleek, single antenna design, and turns on/off with a magnet. The top-quality Day-Glo straps and water-tight body guarantee durability and long life. Flashing LED indicates collar is on. The Tree Switch will provide you a quicker "beep" to let you know when your dog has his game treed.

The Maxima Complete Dog Tracking System is the latest generation of Tracker's Maxima line. Tracker developed the Maxima based on feedback from customers who sought to combine the flexibility of the Maxima with the advanced features and simplicity of the Classic receiver.

The Tracker Maxima Radio Dog Tracking System consists of a Tracker "Maxima" receiver and one or two Tracker collar-transmitters. The Maxima receiver is capable of tracking one, two, three or more dogs wearing Tracker Transmitter Collars for distances up to 12 miles line of sight; 4-7 miles in rolling hills and 2.5 - 4 miles in mountainous areas and adverse weather. An audio "beep" and flashing lights at the receiver enable you to quickly determine the location of your dog and to tell whether the dog has treed game (beeps more quickly).

Tracker Maxima Strike Dog Tracking System Features:

* Stores up to 30 collar frequencies
* Connects to yagi and omni antennas using SMA connector
* Reports signal strength by both audible signal and bars on an LCD screen
* Hi/lo mode for near tracking
* Frequency fine tune through programming
* Frequencies available: 216-220 MHz
* Reflective strap on collars with a tree switch
* Durable antenna
* Watertight under hunting conditions
* 504+ hours of battery life under continuous use (3.6V AA full height)
* Certified for use in AKC and AFTCA sponsored pointing dog field trials
* Weighs 7.6 ounces (including collar)
* User replaceable single antenna
* Magnetic turn on/turn off
* Blinking light shows that collar is transmitting
* Comes with a 24” strap for hounds and bird dogs

Kit Includes:

* Maxima Complete Receiver
* Plastic Carrying Case
* Cordura Nylon Holster
* Accessory Pouch
* Maxima Complete Manual
* 3.6V Lithium AA Battery (2)
* 9V Alkaline Battery (2)
* Instructional DVD
* Strike Tree Collar
* Product Warranty Documentation
* Product User Guides

How Dog Tracking Collars Work

Dog Tracking Collars consist of two parts: (1) a Radio Collar/Transmitter that the dog wears and (2) a Receiver which the handler carries. This can be confusing to folks that have remote training collars since with dog training collars, the dog wears the receiver and the handler has the transmitter.
Radio Collar/Transmitter

This is what the dog wears. The radio transmitter is connected to a collar strap and has one or two antennas depending on model. The Radio Collar/Transmitter TRANSMITS a radio telemetry signal on a set frequency and can be detected by the handler's receiver.
Radio Receiver

The hand-held receiver tells the dog handler the dog's direction, range, and sometimes behavior. Most receivers use a combination of lights, sound or a bar graph with an LCD screen or a needle indicator, to tell you where your dog is located.
Behavior Circuit

Some tracking systems also have a "Behavior Circuit" that can tell you what the dog is doing while he is wearing the collar. Bird Dog collars have a motion sensor that will tell you if the dog is running or standing still (on point) Bark Indicator collars will tell you if the dog is quiet or if he is baying. (Houndsmen / Pig Hunters) Tree Switch collars will tell you if your hound has "treed" its prey. (Designed for coon hunters) Radio Bands Most dog tracking collars operate on one of five different bands. These bands are numbered 216, 217, 218, 219, and 220. Each collar is then broken down into a three digit frequency AFTER THE BAND. EXAMPLE: A collar with 216.275 has a BAND of 216 and a FREQUENCY of 275. Radio Frequency Different frequencies allow you to use multiple collars at the same time and keep the signals from overlapping. If you use a system that has a one band choice you can track any collar on that band (let's use 216 in this case) that is numbered from 216.000 to 216.999 giving you 1000 different choices.

A system that can track two bands can track any collar on two bands (216.000 to 217.999) giving you 2000 different choices.

A system that can track all five bands can track any collar on any of the five bands (216.000 to 220.999) giving you 5000 different choices

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